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New Position - Uncapped earning potential

Renowned Empire has expanded its call center staffing and added transportation recruitment. We're seeking lead generators who will rewrite and post ads generating leads in the transportation industry. We're recruiting for local, regional and over the road opportunities. Each lead that you submit will be contacted with available jobs. If your lead accepts, attends orientation, and successfully started their first assignment on the job you earn $100 commission. Again, all you need to do is post ads or make contact with some and use the lead capture link where we can track your leads submitted. You will receive updates on your leads or contact your leads to check their status and keep them interested in moving forward.

The transportation industry is a big market those dedicated and generate at least 10 leads a week or more can earn upwards of $4000 or more a month.

This is a commission only gig so what you put into is what you get out of it.

Pay: 1099 gig and pays out successful leads every 30 days. The more you do, the more flow of income you generate throughout the month to almost receiving a paycheck weekly.

If you are interested in this opportunity please send an email to Subject: Transportation Gig and we will send you the job descriptions with lead capture link so you can get started and a spreadsheet to get up dates on your leads.

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